Life may not be perfect, but your brows can be! We are besotted by brows at Flirty Gertie and this is the ultimate treatment to have impeccable arches 24/7.

Feather touch or microblading is a semi permanent tattoo that lasts for up to two years. Kaz has been a make up artist for over 25 years and has long known the power of a great brow! Kaz specialises in brows, making her the most passionate brow guru around town! She is now completely brow obsessed and loves to work with her clients to create “their” perfect brow. She is very aware that fashions come and go. She likes to start with her clients natural brow and work from there to give them a look that is both as natural and enhancing as possible.

Consultation & Initial Procedure
(2 hours)


Perfection/Touch Up
(within 4 weeks of initial session)

Yearly visit perfection to keep your brows looking amazing,
never pay full price again