We use Germaine de Capuccini, it’s one of the most innovative and dynamic skin care ranges on the market. Established in Spain over 50 years ago Germaine combines natural active ingredients with the latest in European technology. Our facial treatments are indulgent and totally results driven … enjoy!


All of our facials include a deeply relaxing facial massage – float away….

Thirsty Skin Treatment
Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and then exfoliated to remove the buildup of dead skin cells. Relax while an intense hydration mask is applied to your skin, this is followed with moisture protection that will reveal skin that is hydrated, soft and supple. This treatment is also available for those that want to indulge in our deluxe upgrades: Anti-Stress Skin Zen Rose mask or for an energy boost try our Detoxifying (rubber setting) mask – both are available for an additional cost of only $25!
Allow 60 mins

Pure & Delicate – Teen or Problematic Skins
Perfect for the most delicate of skins. Hypo-allergenic and specifically for skin which react easily, this treatment will calm and soothe and is truly an excellent choice for sensitive skin. Pure & Delicate combines the best in nature with the latest skincare technology that has created a definitive solution for the most sensitive of skin. A deeply hydrating facial that protects the skin by reinforcing its own self-defence capacity, leaving it fresh, clear and calm.
Allow 60 mins

Royal Jelly

This rich treatment, perfect for dry skin provides protection and support for a stressed out skin. Containing Royal Jelly, one of nature’s finest natural ingredients. It nourishes, repairs and revitalises while protecting the skin from external stress.

Allow 60 mins

Plumping Collagen 

Pump up the volume with the perfect combination of anti-ageing and hydration.

Allow 75 mins


Anti-Ageing Clinical Peel – Perfect for the Australian Sun!
Germaine de Capuccini are the first company in the world to release a Clinical Skin Peel that causes zero sun sensitivity. Offering anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing results, this incredible treatment reduces pigmentation, skin redness and wrinkles so its guaranteed to have your skin looking refreshed and renewed in no time!
Allow 45min

Multi Vitamin Detox
Using an advanced formula of Vitamins A,B,C & E, this illuminating treatment makes the skin glow. Revitalising skin cells with intense energy and in turn increasing vitality, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and making even the dullest skin luminous and radiant.
Allow 60 Mins

 Skin Analysis & Mini Treat

Let us play detective and devise an individualised treatment plan – finish off with a mini treat to get a taste of our gorgeous Spanish skincare range.

Allow 30 mins

$39 (redeemable off a facial booking or product purchased on the day)

A quick renewal treatment offering maximum results in minimum time. A great boost before a special occasion.
(as an addition to any facial for only $40)



Add a Booster treatment to any of the following facial treatments for $30-$40
Choose from one of the following:
• Pure Hyaluronic – Great for any dry/dehydrated skin (Bi active Hyaluronic Concentrate)
• Pure Collagen – Perfect for Wrinkles (Global Collagen Treatment)
• Pure Multi-Vitamin – Does your skin need a hit of energy? If so, this is for you! (Multi-Vitamin Concentrate)


Advanced Firming Treatment – the cosmetic alternative to medical lifting
This advanced treatment program is like an instant “face lift” for the skin. Developed to solve the loss of suppleness and firmness, resulting from the progressive destruction of the dermis (the skin’s lower layers). With unbeatable results from the first session, this revolutionary approach is aimed at working on the three essential vectors of skin rejuvenation:

1. Vertical lifting 2. Lateral lifting 3. Volume

You will love the results!

Allow 75min

Anti-Wrinkle Correcting Treatment – an effective alternative to injectables!

Visible results after just one treatment. Inspired by micro-injections this facial is a fast and effective solution especially for expression wrinkles. Using Germaine De Capuccini’s unique peptide formula Micro-Dermoxine, this treatment helps to correct and fill in expression lines, diminishing the depth & length of wrinkles to prevent further development.

Allow 75 mins


 SRNS Fountain of Youth Treatment
This advanced treatment uses Epigenol, an amazing ingredient that revitalizes the Youthfulness Proteins (which are switched off when ageing begins). It includes an invigorating facial massage and incredible pearly rubber-setting mask to create younger cells and reverse the ageing process. This treatment is ideal for those that have been exposed to the damaging environmental factors, including the sun and pollution. Developed by Germaine De Capuccini, Epigenol is a first of its kind and the latest scientific discovery that manipulates the gene to reverse ageing.
Allow 70 mins

 Vitamin C – Anti-Glycation

Glycation is one of the leading causes of skin ageing (often caused by the excess of sugar we ingest, but also oxidative stress and UV radiation). Skin suffering from glycation appears dull and flaccid, with expression lines and wrinkles more pronounced. Applying pure Vitamin C combined with Ume Extract, this treatment works to inhibit the action of glycation. After just one treatment, your skin exhibits an immediate, intense luminosity.

Allow 60 mins


O2 – Oxygenating, Brightening

Designed to fight environmental damage to the skin, combat the signs of ageing and increase the skin’s overall health. Contains a powerful combination of probiotic complex to balance the skin micro flora, anti-pollution complex to reduce skin damage, as well as Vitamins and Glycolipids to boost the immunity of the cells and add nutrients. A must-have for all skin types!

Allow 75 mins


 Advanced Hydration Treatment

Restore, rebalance and recharge your skin with this intense treatment that will reveal the most dramatic results. Ideal for skin in need of deep hydration. Combining an advanced formula of low, medium and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, that work on each layer of your skin to restore hydration and prevent water loss.

Allow 60 mins


The World’s First Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) treatment that literally turns back the clock on ageing!

This clinically proven medical aesthetic treatment, offers spectacular long-lasting results. EGF activates the mechanisms of cellular regeneration of the skin in order to drastically improve wrinkles, flaccidity and luminosity. The biotechnological research has enabled us to develop this sophisticated anti-ageing treatment based on a new revolutionary and highly technological ingredient, the Epidermal Growth Factor, which, thanks to its high rejuvenating power, clearly represents an effective and “non-invasive” alternative to surgery and mesotherapy injections.
A Treatment Course of 4 peels & 2 EGF Infusions


“Anti-Wrinkle Correction Eye or Lip Treatment”

For your eyes only! To help target and prevent premature ageing, these advanced treatments increase water levels to reduce dehydration lines, dark circles and fatigue. An effective alternative to injectables. Our exclusive anti-wrinkle treatment targets expression lines, using our unique peptide formula to correct and fill lines, specifically in your eye area. Visible results after just one treatment.
$35 (With any facial treatment)